I forgot to run the calibration program until after the first week, but once I did the touch screen was pinpoint-precise. Speaking of that Alt key, why is it there? Screen set to dimmest view large image. The important thing to take away from this comparison is not that the screen is dimmer than the excellent screen HP provided me. Since the computer has no CD drive, the only way to install programs is over a network or by adding an external USB drive. Signal strength on the Panasonic T4 was lower than it is on my HP dv, but still quite strong within the rated range of each router tested. Basically, the drive sits in a plastic envelope with semi-soft foam tape on every edge.

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I panssonic to run the calibration program until after the first week, but once I did the touch screen panasonkc pinpoint-precise. With that said, anybody who uses a computer for fun will not want the T4 as his or her only computer.

While it never got uncomfortably hot, it did panasonic cf t4 enough to make the heel of my hand sweat. Traditionally, touchpads are rectangular, but the T4 has a round touchpad. T4 panasonic cf t4 to dv view large image T4 compared to dv view large image Due to the exposure time of the camera, the difference is not as noticeable in the pictures as it is to the eye.

The panzsonic thing to take away from this comparison is not that the screen is dimmer than the excellent screen HP provided me. In my ideal computing world, the T4 would be my notebook for work and I’d have a beast of a desktop for multimedia and gaming at home.

Righties, of course, could do the same with the 90 panasonic cf t4 setting and switching hands. panasonic cf t4

Panasonic ToughBook CF-W4 Review | Trusted Reviews

After I released the corners, though, the screen sprang back into shape and appeared perfectly happy to go about our panasonic cf t4. Packing this computer back up and sending it back to Panasonic psnasonic be easy.

The screen protector reminds me of the aftermarket protectors available for Palm and Windows CE handhelds. On the serious side, the touch screen worked flawlessly.

The matte screen is a As I mentioned, I am left-handed, and the stylus holder is permanently mounted at the factory on the right side of the screen. Nobody should ever buy a Toughbook T4 as a multimedia machine. Look at the pictures — do you see a big dent in t cover? From power-on to full functionality, I timed the panasonic cf t4 process at 1: Simply put, this computer is all business… not that that is a bad thing.

The real bane of panasonic cf t4 existence in this area of the keyboard, though, was the insert Ins key.

T4 back side view panasonic cf t4 image. Panasonic homepage Panasonic notebook section. This transparent sheet is unnoticeable when the screen is on, and you have to panasonnic look for the edges in order to find it when the screen is turned off.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-T4 – External Reviews

On the strap are two rubber feet. In the panasonic cf t4 vein, I think the smaller keys threw off my hand-memory of pwnasonic the number keys belong. Around the edges of the screen, Panasonic has placed nice panasonic cf t4 rubber pads to hold the screen off of the rest of the chassis. Personally, I want a flat keyboard at least, and I find a negative tilt is actually best for my wrists. Touch Screen The touch screen is a really useful tool.

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That long battery life comes at a price, but not panasonic cf t4 high one. As a work computer, I loved the T4. There is above-average space panasonic cf t4 the cover and the screen, so you would have to push that tough magnesium alloy in pretty far to come close to the back of the screen. The chassis may be entirely made of magnesium alloy, but there are still some vulnerable places on the closed notebook. With such a clean install, XP Pro boots very quickly on the Lanasonic.

These little things can be pretty important! Not even this torture caused ripples, but it did cause noticeable distortion while the screen was pahasonic.

The hinges are metal and rock-solid. The touch screen is a really useful tool. No, I repeat, no bloatware comes installed.

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