The hardest part so far is removing the screws. They will replace or refund. I had the same problem, screen was black. If I have anu sucess I will post. Khahn, In most cases, when a laptop screen looses backlight but you still can make out a dim image on the screen, your problem is a faulty inverter board.

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MT b which came with MS Vista. I have purchased three new inverters and all mt3705 gateway the same thing,nothing ,the backlight remains off.

Any ideas gatewwy appreciated.

When I switch gzteway an external monitor, my screen will flash up for a few seconds, then dim. Originally the screen was dim and could see screen with a flashlight so i thought it was the inverter bought a new one off ebay mt3705 gateway it. The backlight mt3705 gateway is bad.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

Can I measure anywhere on the mainboard if the inverter gets this signal? Just some observations to share, if one can see faint content in the dimmed screen, most likely it is the inverter. It looks shattered around the edges of the black.

I still have the same problem the back light goes out about 1 minute after the machine boots, I can get it to come back on for a brief period by pushing mt3705 gateway the pin switch.

Is there a resource where Mt3705 gateway can get instructions on taking apart my specific laptop? I had an issue that seemed like a classic inverter problem. Ok people, I think I may have found it!!! Mt3705 gateway does work with external monitor. Bad LCD mt3705 gateway likely 3. In this case we have 5 screw seals on the front. Please offer help if you know any websites, where I could get it.

XP Drivers for a Gateway w/Vista? – Microsoft: Windows XP Pro – Tek-Tips

That is, is mt3705 gateway inverted localized only to the laptop and would it affect an external video feed? I tried a new inverter, but it did nothing. If not, try replacing the harness. Only viewable with a flashlight.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

Also, in your experience, bateway I use method on this page or is there mt3705 gateway particular about the Dells where you have to take them all apart? Gatesay information was very helpful in figuring out what was a wrong with my laptop. My problem is a little different from all of these, as my screen does not go out completely, but I still have problems with it. Now go into the ‘Device Manager’ control panel in whatever mt3705 gateway you prefer and double-click on the ‘?

Took it apart again removed the bulb and turned it on and the bulb lit up. Click Here to join Tek-Tips and talk with other members! I have cause for concern though, because the screen has begun once mt3705 gateway to show a flickering anomaly when changing the angle of the screen. My only issue now is that the screen seems dim. Gatwway is working fine so mt3705 gateway, problem solved. It sounds like I have a similar issue to Bobby.

It is something to do with Vista being unable to validate the consistency of the drive if XP mt3705 gateway it does or another operating system which might writes to my3705 drive monitored by Vista.

Vista is undeniably cool looking, and I’ll miss mt3705 gateway like the new search, but I can’t really argue with the stability and speed of XP, either. My problem it seems is not fixed…Magnets where placed on top of my screen and since then the screen is black. The hard drive mt3705 gateway fine. I really like the machine myself, but Vista is the downfall!!

If your driver is not listed and you know the model name or number of mt3705 gateway Gateway device, you can use it to Search our Gateway Device Driver Database. Do I need a new screen or is this something else.

Gateway Drivers Download

Is this an inverter problem, mt3705 gateway problem, battery problem? The computer boots up and i can see a faint image it is so dim it looks as if it is black.

As long as I leave it at a wide angle, the screen seems to be ok. I saved this post to yateway text document barely seeing what I was mt3705 gateway and restarted the computer. The best way to fix your PC to run at peak performance is to update your drivers.

Wow Kloud, that’s gatewwy My C battery is not charging my AC cable is working gwteway can I do mt3705 gateway tell if I need a new battery. My keys are typing words that I have not choosed. Mt3705 gateway thoughts beyond replacing the back light? Insert the guitar pick between the LCD bezel and cover and carefully mt3705 gateway it alone the side. Some laptops also have screws on the side of the display. You have a hardware driver issue and need to see what you added that may cause this??

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