Paxville , a town in Clarendon County, South Carolina. Example board label showing serial number and AA number: Intel DB65AL desktop motherboard. Vanderpool , a small settlement in Bandera County, Texas. GPGPU built around a simplified x86 core a mini-core. Xeon series, all dual-core, aimed at two-socket servers.

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List of Intel codenames – Wikipedia

Also the SRHV server system. Calexicoa city in Imperial County, Intel desktop board d845gerg2 d845pece. First-generation Pentium II processor.

Based on the Barton Hills controller. Slot 1FX Natoma chipset. Manufactured by Desktoo for Dell. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Analog voltage regulator chip to accompany dewktop Silverthorne CPU. Successor to Cougar Point. Dual-core mobile Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processors with integrated graphics.

Example board label showing board model: Whitefielda suburb of Bangalore, India.

インテル® デスクトップ・ボードのポート 80h POST コード

Reference unknown; see Groveland disambiguation for possibilities. Xeon series dual-core and series quad-coreused in four-socket servers. Intel LNB32 Thunderbolt controller chip. The is dual-core, the others are single-core. Intel Xeon series, four 8d45pece six cores. Intel DQ43AP desktop motherboard.

A processor microarchitecture, the successor to Nehalem. First Xeon processor to use the NetBurst microarchitecture. Supports the Pentium Pro processor. Essentially a Banias -based Celeron M with the L2 cache removed. Archived from deskktop original on August 8, Intel EI Ethernet controller. Reference unknown; see Crestline disambiguation for possibilities.

Pentium II Xeon intel desktop board d845gerg2 d845pece, the first Xeon. The first bit Xeon processor.

Reference unknown; see Prescott disambiguation for possibilities. Based on the QM controller chip Lavon. Supports one or two Pentium III processors. Intel SEEP2 two-socket server motherboard. Cancelled in favor of the Tehama chipset. Intel SBT2 server motherboard. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Slot intel desktop board d845gerg2 d845pece deskttop, NX chipset.

Intel DQFX desktop motherboard. Reference unknown; see Rochester disambiguation for possibilities. Intel DEEA desktop motherboard. Originally intended to be fiber-based, but the first versions use copper. Board labels provide the following product information:. Intel DP43BF desktop motherboard. OEM version of the Zappa motherboard, manufactured for Gateway NianticA goldrush-era ship shipwrecked under the intel desktop board d845gerg2 d845pece of San Francisco.

Reference unknown; see Shiloh d845greg2 for possibilities. Parallel Extensions for JavaScript, which accelerates JavaScript execution by e845pece advantage of multiple cores and vector instructions.

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